Xiaomi Piston 2.1 review

Xiaomi Piston 2.1 review

Xiaomi as one of the three most productive manufactures of smartphones in the world offers a wide range of smartphones and related equipment for the same.

I will immediately say that I was very surprised about level of professionalism and sophisticated movements in every millimeter as of earphones themselves as well as design of the package.
Google loves sweets and their operating systems are given names of many sweets like: honeycomb, jelly bean, kitkat or latest one lollipop. In other hand Xiaomi loves cereals: rice and millet.

Russet handset, the box in which the earphones come, rubber feet which is superbly designed by 1more design…well all of this give the impression that this is one really valuable piece of hardware. The first thing everyone should feel is the smell, well smell of chocolate with plenty of cocoa.

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As with other manufacturers, Xiaomi too is having trouble with various plagiarists and companies that are trying to copy new and innovative products. Considering that there are fake versions of these headphones, you will recognize fake product because they do not have that specific smell of chocolate as well as for package.

How seriousness and attention has been donated to this product it also can be seen through attached instruction how to “liberate” your headphones from the rubber feet. Xiaomi Piston 2.1 earphones come in several colors: gold, brown, black, gray, orange.

For many years serious production of headset is meant to have a headset wrapped with a kind of thread or be wrapped with thread. Piston earphones also have these finishing moves and in my opinion are very well done and they deserve recommendation. Since I have already made unboxing I already made few tests of sound, I can only say that I am more than satisfied with the quality of sound of this Xiaomi earphones.

First of all earphones have a sufficient length so it is possible that when you are upright, earphones almost touches your knees. So it is possible that the earphones cable is exported all over your body and that last part finds a cozy place on your smartphone, which is located somewhere in the pocket of your pants or jacket. When you touch earphones you will likely get a new, yet unknown feeling. High gloss and sophisticated breathe on every single point of Piston earphones. When you look from a side, you will see that the concentric circles in the middle are completing a grid that acts as a sound system for those around you.

A variety of these concentric circles I would say in a certain way represent rings of severed tree which thus showing its age. So the Piston earphones show how much effort and work has been invested to make them one of your favorite hi-tech accessories. You cannot go wrong with earphones because as each side says with stylized orange letters R and L which one goes to which ear. In the middle of the Piston is a mechanism to control smartphones: there are buttons for volume control, volume up and down, and microphone on one side, and the button to pause/stop on the other side. And when it comes to smartphones these buttons definitely have a function while in other devices such as desktop computers, laptops and tablets, well they are silent observers of events because in this case they are not in operation. As for the quality of the cable, it is very sturdy and compact, and I am of the opinion that will not for a long, long time show signs of weakness.

From the rest of equipment of Piston we will find a clip that serves to easily attach the earphone cable to your clothes and thus secure the cable from swinging and free movements. Also there are attached additional three caps in different size which are very soft and pleasing to the ear and the size will be adapted to each ear in accordance with the selected size (S, M or L).

At the end I will say that this kind of fashion accessory is worth having, this accessory will hardly be a long time to go out of fashion, and above all their sound quality and the build quality justifies the price of $ 20. (我回顾中国手机)

Xiaomi Piston 2.1 specifications:

Type: in-ear
Color: gold-brown
Plug: 3.5mm standard plug
Line control key: play key (can stop or start music)
Function: microphone
Package: yes
Speaking key: both can answer the calls and hang up the call.
Length of handset: about 100 cm.

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Best price available on the market at

merimobiles Xiaomi Piston 2.1 review

Xiaomi Piston 2.1

xiaomi piston 2.1 3 Xiaomi Piston 2.1 review

Build quality


    Sound quality



      • - Sound quality
      • - Package design
      • - Additional equipment
      • - Price


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