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InFocus M512 review

August 24, 2014 PHONES Leave a comment

InFocus M512 showed nice moves in my opinion and deserved to be in pockets of every Android smartphone lover. IPS technology made the screen have fast response, high definition video showed as much as...


Elephone P2000 review

August 16, 2014 PHABLETS Leave a comment

At Elephone they did good job making Elephone P2000. Elephone 2000 is kind of a Ferrari in today’s market of China smartphones. It brings some novelties in Elephoneˈs P series of smartphones. Re...


U Watch U8 review

July 11, 2014 GADGETS Leave a comment

Simple and luxury are two words that would best describe  U Watch U8. It comes in two color flavors so you see that keeping things simple gives always best results. U8 can do lot of things and here is...


iNew V8 review

July 3, 2014 PHABLETS Leave a comment

I know you know so everybody know a lot. I believe you know much but have you already met with iNew V8 smartphone? If not, than this review might be for you. Why is this smartphone so special? Well it...