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HUAWEI Ascend P6S review

November 9, 2014 SHORT REVIEWS Leave a comment

What can we expect from HUAWEI than almost perfect design that is packed in ultra-thin body which measure only 6.4mm. So Ascend P6S is perfectly handled and gives nice feel on every touch. And here is...


ECOO Focus E01 review

November 3, 2014 SHORT REVIEWS Leave a comment

ECOO is a new Chinese smartphone start-up company that brings some new spots on the market in form of powerful phones at quite good prices. ECOO Focus 01 is their first smartphone based on Android OS....


MIJUE M580 review

October 4, 2014 SHORT REVIEWS Leave a comment

MIJUE M580 is a new guy in smartphone fleet by MIJUE. At first sight you will see that this smartphone looks like many other China smartphones and it doesn’t step so much in front of competition...


ThL T6 Pro review

September 29, 2014 PHONES Leave a comment

Technology can make life happier and one of the Chinese phone maker creates that feel very good. ThL is almost out with new smartphone ThL T6 Pro. ThL T6 Pro comes with Android 4.4 OS, it has quite po...


Elephone P2000 review

August 16, 2014 PHABLETS 1 Comment

At Elephone they did good job making Elephone P2000. Elephone 2000 is kind of a Ferrari in today’s market of China smartphones. It brings some novelties in Elephoneˈs P series of smartphones. Re...


OTIUM M8 review

August 7, 2014 PHONES Leave a comment

What could you expect from clone smartphone than to look exactly like original one. Considering this section, brand China smartphone makers almost always do good job and you cant see the difference be...


Blackview Crown review

July 27, 2014 SHORT REVIEWS 1 Comment

Blackview Crown is kind of a pearl of latest brand China smartphones. It comes with 5″ HD screen, 1.7 GHz Octa-Core processor and Android 4.4.2 OS for maximum enjoyment and maximum performance i...