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Acer Liquid Z500 review

September 16, 2014 PHONES Leave a comment

Just few days ago I was confirmed that I will have a chance to meet newest Acer Android smartphone, long waited and announced Liquid Z500. Acer made a really good job by launching this very potent sma...


Elephone P2000 review

August 16, 2014 PHABLETS 1 Comment

At Elephone they did good job making Elephone P2000. Elephone 2000 is kind of a Ferrari in today’s market of China smartphones. It brings some novelties in Elephoneˈs P series of smartphones. Re...


KINGELON C1000 review

July 2, 2014 PHABLETS Leave a comment

KINGELON C1000 is 5.5″ phablet smartphone based on latest version of Android OS, Android 4.4.2. Even with size of over 5″ it is not so hard to figure out that you will handle it because of...


OPPO Find 7 review

June 26, 2014 PHABLETS Leave a comment

This review of OPPO Find 7 will make your day even better. You never know how things can change…in seconds. OPPO Find 7 puts some new standards considering China smartphones. Actually this is to...