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Mijue M780 review

August 27, 2014 SHORT REVIEWS Leave a comment

Mijue M780 is currently the only tablet PC of this Chinese smartphone maker. 7″ diagonal is very popular for many reasons and Mijue will try to utilize that popularity with decent set of functio...


ONDA V819W review

July 7, 2014 SHORT REVIEWS Leave a comment

ONDA V819W is Windows tablet PC. It is not hard to guess that this is Windows tablet as it has this “W” in his name. So lets review ONDA V819W what else stands behind this “W”....


iNew V8 review

July 3, 2014 PHABLETS Leave a comment

I know you know so everybody know a lot. I believe you know much but have you already met with iNew V8 smartphone? If not, than this review might be for you. Why is this smartphone so special? Well it...