Oppo goes to 50 million smartphones in 2015

Oppo goes to 50 million smartphones in 2015

“Oppo should deliver next year 50 million smartphones”

According to various sellers of mobile devices from China and Taiwan, a Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices Oppo, over the next year would be needed to supply 50 million smartphones.

Of these, most of the 35 million devices will be sold on the domestic Chinese market, while the remaining 15 million units is to be sold in other markets in the world.

During this year, Oppo will deliver between 25 and 30 million smartphones.

Oppo in its high-end devices uses Qualcomm chips, while their entry-level and middle category devices use MediaTek chips.

The number of the MTK chips in the next year should be increased because Oppo will start with greater production of smartphones that cost under $160. The existing Oppo’s four factories in China on average produce 2.5 million devices per month. (我回顾中国手机)

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