OnePlus unveils OxygenOS

OnePlus unveils OxygenOS

OnePlus was the first company to ship its One with the Cyanogen OS, the custom version of Android developed by Cyanogen Inc.

Although, OnePlus and Cyanogen didn’t came to a final deal since the latter choose to co-operate with Micromax in India.

Thus OnePlus decided to create its own custom version of Android. Through a competition, OnePlus asked its customers to name its new OS and the OxygenOS is here! The Oxygen itself is “the epitome of simplicity, yet it’s also extraordinarily powerful”. As the company promised, the OxygenOS will be customizable and “free of bloat and unnecessary features”

Not many info are known about the new software, but on February 12th, OnePlus will unveil more about its new ROM.

For now, the software is a slightly modified version of Android OS especially designed to work for OnePlus One. (我回顾中国手机)

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