Nokia got my facepalm

Nokia got my facepalm

nokia n1 direct touch 300x187 Nokia got my facepalm ireviewchinaphone.comWith tablet that steals design from Apple and playing the agreement with Microsoft,  Nokia has revealed that the officiall company future entered into a phase that dunks nails in its own coffin…

Nokia these days desperately trying to prolong the agony of the total disintegration of the former undisputed mobile phone empire. Unprovoked, Finns are, in fact, announced that at the end of the year market will hit their tablet N1, with the Android OS and Z Launcher, made to look exactly like Apple’s iPad Mini, in the same factory that produces iPad Mini itself.

First, why shamelessly copying the iPad? N1, namely, not only resembles the iPad, but has the same dimensions, same screen resolution, also arranged keys, camera, and audio-connection and lot more, and comes in the same colors as Apple’s smaller tablet. The former global king of originality sold Foxconn license to use the brand out of which emerged the saddest plagiarism in the tech industry. In Apple, of course, had nothing to fear. They will not sell any less iPad tablets instead they wonder – Nokia in such a humiliating way paid tribute to their product that’s not even in the flagship category, that gesture openly admitting that long ago are no longer able to design and make something better, so they must steal.

Second, what does stands for this or that or any tablet or mobile gadget from Nokia? Well they sold a part of the company, which manufactures mobile devices to Microsoft. If the tablets did so to seize the “hole” in the sales contract stating that by the end of 2015 may not themselves produce new smartphone, but it does not say that they should not themselves produce a new tablet, then it is a decision that is even more outrageous and more miserable than this to steal from Apple. Neither at Microsoft, of course, had nothing to fear, not to sell any of the Lumia less doing this tablet.

Finally, why licensing Nokia brad to Foxconn or anyone else? The company that was recently producing hundreds of millions of devices per year, had developed a sales and service chains in all countries of the world and – most importantly – has built one of the ten most valuable global brands of all time, gives this brand to some Chinese company that do what it  whatever she want, even that they sticks it to the tablet identical to that produced by the second client … message that is sent by Nokia goes something like this: “We are desperate and miserable and we’ll sell pants fact anyone who has some money for us…”

Nokia N1 will – is not difficult to predict – experience the market fiasco, not because it will be a bad tablet, but because it will be clear to consumers they buy the device without a future, created only by short flashes, to shock all and serve as a last hitch of its creator, before finally find itself on garbage of technological history.

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