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ZTE Hosts President Carter

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ZTE Corporation was delighted to welcome former President of the United States Jimmy Carter to Shanghai, deepening the company’s friendship with the President who championed closer ties between the U.S. and China. President Carter toured ZTE’s Research and Development Center in Shanghai, home to some of the company’s most significant technology research projects in telecommunications networks and devices.

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Shi Lirong, President of ZTE, and Cheng Lixin, Chairman of ZTE USA, briefed President Carter on the latest business updates in the U.S. market, where ZTE is consolidating its position as one of the top providers of smartphones.

“It was my pleasure to visit the ZTE Research and Development Center in Shanghai today. It was impressive to learn of the great technological advancements that ZTE has developed,” President Carter said. “During this 35th anniversary of the normalization of U.S.– China relations, it is good to know of the partnerships between ZTE and American telecommunications companies.”

In 1979, President Carter and Premier Deng Xiaoping signed the U.S.-China Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology, paving the way to 35 years of deepening collaboration in a diverse range of sectors including industrial technology, energy, earth and atmospheric sciences and health.

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The technology development carried out by ZTE in the U.S. helps support and drive the growth of the company’s operations globally. ZTE’s products and services are sold in more than 160 countries worldwide, and the company has more than 60 million active users globally for its mobile devices.

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