Insight into the high-end 10-core MediaTek processor Helio X20

Insight into the high-end 10-core MediaTek processor Helio X20

Li Yan, director of product planning, Series released technical details of world’s first three-cluster architecture 10-core mobile processor Helio X20. This ten-core processor although some rivals dismissed as marketing gimmicks, but MediaTek mobile platform technology for exploration is worthy of recognition.

Li Yan represents the flagship of the next five criteria:
– lasting life,
– high-priced camera,
– the best visual experience,
– speed and global networks, and
– unimpeded fashion design.
Four points are associated with the chip, so that X20 is the sign for flagship smartphone so you can create new experience for users.

Previously used the public version of ARM multicore architectures, this Tri-Cluster MediaTek independently developed by Li Yan indicates that the architecture is more than a year in MediaTek research centers. He noted that Tri-Cluster architecture reference fuel consumption, the CPU workload is divided into high, moderate and mild, so more rational distribution can be done, and power optimization is more obvious.”

In the framework design, Tri-Cluster architecture consists of a single two ARM Cortex-A72 architecture (they work on 2.5GHz frequency operation, providing the ultimate performance); and two containing four ARM Cortex-A53 architecture (which architecture is responsible for a moderate load tasks, they are 2.0GHz operating frequency; the other is responsible for implementing the lightly loaded tasks to 1.4GHz operating frequency).

Such optimization of power consumption is very significant, the average power consumption can be reduced by about 30%.

heliox20 insight news 300x167 Insight into the high end 10 core MediaTek processor Helio X20

You can see that in games, video, social media power to improve access aspect is obvious.

Li Yan represents Tri-Cluster central processor architecture built around CorePilot® 3.0 MTK, new heterogeneous computing technology. CorePilot® 3.0 is for the CPU and GPU allocation of the work of all systems on a single chip solution that can manage processor performance and power consumption, can lower the heat generated in the case, making the pursuit of the ultimate performance. So Tri-Cluster architecture more than double cluster as a traditional architecture, reduces power consumption of processors by up to 30 percent.

Li Yan represents a key 10-core processor computing architectures are three dispatch unit, which, MediaTek has algorithm task assignment, task switching process will be completed soon, but do not frequent switching, as this can also cause power lifting.

heliox20 insight news 1 300x167 Insight into the high end 10 core MediaTek processor Helio X20

Increasing mobile phone screen, camera resolution continues to improve, which have greatly increased the demand for the battery, the battery technology behind the development of mobile phone technology, therefore, chip designers face the biggest challenge is the battery life problem, which is MediaTek a three-cluster architecture technology is answer to those demanding challenges.

X20 integrates MediaTek third-generation seven full-frequency analog modem, truly is a global standard for all the support and coverage. It supports Category 6 (Cat 6) dual-carrier aggregation technology, you can download at speed up to 300Mbps.

“We expect the second half of this year will double carrier aggregation mass adoption, then, our entire network phone can bring a different experience to the user.”, he said.

Camera function has been a bright spot in a variety of smart phones differentiated, get rid of the sensor element, ISP handle all mobile platforms and stabilization efforts to develop and optimize the function, the X20, MediaTek world’s first real-time preview function shallow depth of field shooting.

This feature allows the phone to shoot SLR similar photos, and these can be observed in a real time. “There are some chips are processed into the depth of field after taking effect, we can achieve real-time.”heliox20 insight news 2 300x167 Insight into the high end 10 core MediaTek processor Helio X20

In terms of image stabilization, the X20 were using AIS + OIS + EIS techniques, advanced image stabilization, optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization, so it is able to achieve the most of stabilization effect.

X20 integrated dual-channel ISP, in addition, X20 Multi mode as well as de-noising engine (Multi-scale de-noise engines), even in harsh shooting environments, still retain sharpness, detail and accurate color, produces high-quality images.

Li Yan said that the Hollywood giant Sony supports for dynamic support of 120Hz display technology, display technology which will bring a new experience, and X20 is support for dynamic display (120Hz mobile display) will break the current screen to 60Hz update rate of barriers to provide clear, real-time browsing experience and unparalleled motion pictures.

Li Yan expressed that X20 series has a unique feature, heterogeneous computing CPUGPUISP, achieves non-contact sensing heartbeat, as long as the camera toward yourself or others, you can measure his pulse and heartbeat.

He said the principle of the test is our heart blood vessels to contract, or up, the camera will take images for comparison analysis, and extract the pulse signal. Although it can not achieve this precision medical grade, but you can add some interesting applications.

Because it is through the blood vessels to expand or collapse the test, so as long as the exposed areas of skin can be used to test.

heliox20 insight news 3 300x167 Insight into the high end 10 core MediaTek processor Helio X20

Combining energy-saving induction process ARM Cortex-M4, therefore, strictly speaking, this is a eleven-core processor, the M4 supports multiple always-on mobile applications, such as MP3 players or voice.

According to reports, the sensor processor has an independent energy management systems, but also for the sensor fusion algorithm applied, so it can support up to nine-axis sensor.

The processor uses the 20nm process, GPU area is used for Mali800 series quad-core GPU, it is estimated that Mali820 or Mali830. Support in terms of memory to DDR3, DDR4, the screen only supports up to 2K screen, so can not support the 4K screen.

MediaTek trying to impact the high-end flagship with X20, Li Yan said with a smile that phones equipped with this processor will be sold for more than $ 2000, allegedly X20 will send samples in the third quarter of this year. Smart phones using this chip is expected to be listed by the end of 2015? What do you think which flagship smartphone will use X20?

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