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Imagination unveiled the PowerVR GPU Series7

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Imagination Technologies unveiled its next generation graphics processor, PowerVR Series7. Featured chips are designed for mid-market and higher categories, which Imagination argues that in performance of up to 60% better than the previous generation PowerVR Series6.

Starting Series7XE series of devices medium category consists of two models, the PowerVR GE7400 has half a unified shader clusters and 16 aluminum core, PowerVR GE7800 has one shader cluster and 32 aluminum core. Both models have support for hardware tesalization and Android Expansion Pack (AEP) functionality for enhanced graphics.

Another series called Series7XT installed devices will be in a higher category. Among other things, there is support for AEP, HDR rendering settings, realistic texturing 4K, virtualization, hardware tesalization, and for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL ES 3.1 technology. There is optional support for DirectX / Direct3D 11 and OpenCL FD64 functionality for HPC systems.

On the market will be available a total of five representatives of this series of models from PowerVR GT7200 to the most powerful PowerVR GT7900 model, which has 16 shader clusters, 512 aluminum core and offers a theoretical peak performance of over one teraflop.

Finally, it is worth mentioning one more option that brings PowerVR Series7, and it has support for hardware safe zones using virtualization technology to create up to a maximum of eight zones that are isolated from one another. Such zones would be combined with the CPU should provide better sandboxing applications, stronger DRM video content and will effectively prevent possible rooting of devices.

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