Huawei Watch – only from my hand

Huawei Watch – only from my hand

His appearance at MWC Huawei is mainly dedicated to its much more aggressive approach to the market of wearables. Strong point which is on the issue prepared is simply called – Watch.

This is the first smartwatch by this manufacturer, and is presented under the motto “Timeless Design, Smart Within”, which means that Huawei tasked to make a clock that will look like a completely ordinary, “analog” wristwatch, but that will have all functionality like smartwatch.

Indeed, Huawei Watch the smartwatch with Android Wear OS, and among the few watches circular designs that are already placed or at least represented in the market, this certainly looks the best.

Made of stainless steel and is available in silver, black and gold, which are commonly used in the design of classic wristwatches. The housing has a diameter of 42 millimeters, and the body clock is 11.3 millimeters thick. These are extremely compact dimensions in the context of existing smartwatch and pretty average for watches in general, but what is still all that matters is what kind of feeling Huawei Watch provides when it is worn around the wrist.

huawei watch only from my hand 1 Huawei Watch   only from my hand

This feeling is surprisingly good. The clock seems thinner than it actually is, given that a good part of his declared thickness adds thickening located in the middle of the back, where they placed sensors for reading the pulse.

We have seen Watch in the version with leather and the one with a metal belt, and it is good that in both cases between the belt and the body clock no “gap”, i.e. those uncomfortable spaces that flexing arm could cause pinching of the skin. Construction, indeed, as in the advertisement, a timeless design when it comes to Huawei Watch, and the only complaint may be made to the setting up of the clock crown in the upper right edge of the hemisphere, which makes it very difficult to cope accessible if the clock is on the right hand.

The device has a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels, and is characterized by extreme sharpness of the picture, but not the particular brightness. Huawei prepared and forty skins analog clock, among which there are several such persuasive that it is almost impossible for the naked eye, without detailed observation, make out that, in fact, working on the digital display on the screen, not the real needles and gauges.

Thankfully that Huawei uses sapphire glass to his Watch, which is most resistant to scratches and cracking, while on the other side of the screen respond to the touch of a finger has appreciable latency which can in moments of haste cause unnecessary anxiety among users.

huawei watch only from my hand 2 Huawei Watch   only from my hand

On the technical side it should be noted that the clock comes with six axial motion sensor, barometer and vibration. Compatible with all devices with Android OS 4.3 or later and Bluetooth 4.1 or later, and comes with a 300 mAh capacity battery that – along with other specifications and the fact that the watch comes with a pure Android Wear – should guarantee between one and a half to up to two days of free operation.

Of course, these are the promises that they gave us the representatives of Huawei in Barcelona, and how much autonomy to Watch provide in their daily work, they will find out only in the summer, when this smartwatch will go on sale in the global market.

Huawei is, evidently, timely involved in the race for Android wearable devices here in Barcelona and was an extremely noted not only because it was the visitors declared the most beautiful smartwatch at MWC, but most beautiful so far seen smartwatch of all.

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