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Honor is Huawei’s honor

Posted by: IReviewer December 24, 2014 Leave a comment

huawei honor is honor news 300x200 Honor is Huaweis honor ireviewchinaphone.com“Cheap smartphones of this Chinese manufacturer have recorded huge sales growth this year, thanks to the new strategy”

Huawei praised as changing the strategy managed to significantly increase sales of their smartphone in low-price segment. doesn’t

First of all this refers to their Honor brand, which was last year by marketing manner completely separated from the product range and now has almost no links with the brand Huawei.

Second, Honor is sold only through the Internet – based on the model that is in China first successfully applied Xiaomi – which also contributed to sales growth. Online sales have managed to reduce the price of the device as much as 30%.  All in all, a figure of 20 million units sold this year, just a year after separation of Honor as a brand, sounds very promising for Huawei.

The leaders are hoping that growth will continue as with Xiaomi, which is their largest competitor.  For the next year, Huawei announces fight with “cheap” competition in emerging markets, and greater focus on high-end devices in developed markets such as Europe. (我回顾中国手机)

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