Fake Xiaomi shops in China

Fake Xiaomi shops in China

“Xiaomi’s Chief Executive Officer, Lei Jun, publicly warned customers in China to pay attention and avoid fake Xiaomi’s shops that have emerged around the country”

Chinese technological devices are often ingenious copies and clones devices known international IT companies, among which now seems to belong to the domestic Chinese company Xiaomi.

Chief Executive Officer of the company Lei Jun has sent a public warning to Chinese customers of Xiaomi’s devices to pay attention and to avoid false Xiaomi’s shops that occurred throughout the territory of China.

False trades were recorded in cities such as Huaqiang, Shenzhen, Houjie and Dongguan. In such stores used the alleged Xiaomi’s uniforms and Xiaomi’s official logo, but in reality, Xiaomi in China do not have any physical store.

All sales of Xiaomi’s devices for Chinese users is carried out exclusively on the Internet, via the official web store. (我回顾中国手机)

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