Encryption in Lollipop makes performance crashes

Encryption in Lollipop makes performance crashes

encryption lollipop crashes news 300x200 Encryption in Lollipop makes performance crashes ireviewchinaphone.comSubsequent testing of the new Nexus 6 phablet, which is produced by Google Motorola, revealed that when using the new option of full encryption devices within the operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop, got a decline in performance.

New Full Disk Encryption (FDE) technology encrypts all data before coming to the NAND chips, and decrypts the content when reading back into working memory. The entire technology is available since the operating system Android 3.0, but only in Lollipop become the default option (which can not be excluded once it is launched).

According to test results from a web-site Anandtech, Nexus 6 device with FDE technology showed a 62.9% lower performance in random read data and 50.5% lower performance in random data recording of Nexus 6 test device in which the technology is not included. Also, the performance of sequential data reading fell by 80.7%.

Online community has already started work on the modes that will allow the exclusion of FDE encryption. Time will tell whether Goolge plans to implement such an option.

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