ECOO Pioneer E03 Engineering photos

ECOO Pioneer E03 Engineering photos

As you probably read morning news about new ECOO Lofty FDD-LTE Android smartphone, they are pleased to announce new photos and new smartphone that will hit the market as it seems very soon. As they say it’s only been a few weeks and already they are working on their 3rd Android smartphone. The ECOO Pioneer, codename E03 will be a Quad-Core smartphone with built-in heart rate monitor on the rear.

They are just working out the bugs of this phone, but couldn’t resist posting a few images of the device. Just check out those bezels!

As we already said for ECOO Lofty we will see how ECOO will perform on price side and how much will you pay for heart rate monitor.
ecoo pioneer e03 news 210x300 ECOO Pioneer E03 Engineering photos ireviewchinaphone.comecoo pioneer e03 news 1 213x300 ECOO Pioneer E03 Engineering photos

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